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Our #1 priority is to ensure that our customers achieve and maintain healthy skin.

DEX New York complexion makeup products are formulated only with healthy, high-quality, natural ingredients. DEX color cosmetics feature well-blended pigments that last throughout the day for long-lasting beauty. They contribute to hydrating and moisturizing your skin, so that you'll feel refreshed throughout the day. Furthermore, DEX New York complexion makeup products are formulated so that they have anti-aging properties. You can reduce the appearance and incidence of signs of aging, like wrinkles, crow’s feet, and discolorations. Also, our products are applicable to many different situations, as well, so you don't have to buy more makeup than you need. This is a benefit for the environment (but also for your wallet).

From Sweden to the Sudan, from the lightest light to the darkest dark the products we offer at Dex New York Cosmetics work for any skin tone. Our shades are made to highlight woman of global color, particularly women whose skin tone range is not normally included within other color makeup lines. Not only do they feel ostracized but they are usually referred to in a negative light, and the only options they are given are sad knockoffs to truly beautiful and unique shades…

Our skin pigments are correctly blended together so that they'll flawlessly match any skin tone. No longer will you have to resort to words like “espresso” and “mocha” to name your skin. DEX can match you up with the tone that's perfect for your skin tone without using such hackneyed expressions. You can solidify the complexion of your skin, make it look even and bright, and correct discolorations.

We are built on the foundation of Dex Phillip himself, a man dedicated to bringing the highest quality makeup to women of all different shades and skin tones. Anti-aging components and all natural ingredients are included in every product, ensuring that the flawless, beautiful woman you are will stay that way for the foreseeable future!

Finally a makeup line has been created with all women in mind. Never again will you feel left out. That is a DEX guarantee, one we are proud to make, stand behind, and let fuel us into the future. When you use DEX, you use quality, natural products that are made specifically for you! This kind of personal touch is what sets us apart!

We help you stand out from the crowd!