Behind The Brand

 "I love making women look and feel beautiful. It's my passion, and what I do best." -Dex Phillip

 Dex Phillip, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Medical Aesthetician

He has devoted 20+ years to making women look and feel beautiful. An entrepreneur at heart with a long-time vision to create DEX New York Cosmetics – a healthy makeup line formulated with good-for-your-skin ingredients, high performance standards, photographic qualities, and an extensive skin tone shade range for women around the globe; ranging from Sweden to Sudan.

His caring demeanor and concern for women discovering their true beauty from within to looking beautiful naturally has made him a notable name in New York City and abroad. In fact, he is personally responsible for the glowing complexions of many women around the globe. When it comes to makeup formulations with skincare benefits and naturally beautiful results, women whose first priority is healthy skin, turn to DEX New York Cosmetics. 

As a medical aesthetician with a unique skin gym approach working with a cosmetic surgeon early on, to then working alongside top dermatologists, Dex was able to revolutionize the integration of makeup with skincare; paving the way for an entirely new beauty industry category - makeup with skincare benefits. As well, he has set the standard for the makeup, no-makeup look; the signature look and highlight of the brand’s philosophy.

 Dex’s Skin Gym philosophy

For the past 9 years, a dedication to product research and development has kept him in front of consumers wanting DEX New York products for flawless finished looks, while all at the same time maintaining the health of their skin – looking youthful and radiant"When you work with women to look great every day, you learn about all of the things that are important for healthy skin", says Dex. He has taken these lessons and developed a monthly skin regime that will help you to look beautiful, youthful and radiant every single day. He states, the best way to apply makeup is to healthy skin. The use of makeup is inteded to enhance natural beauty rather than a way to cover up blemishes. Healthy skin is at the center of Dex's beauty philosophy. He desires women to have the healthiest skin, and earnestly advocates the use of makeup to be an enhancement of their natural beauty.  

 His caring and personal touch is why you are #1, friends!

Dex’s fashionable life is evoked by passion and love for the beauty industry; combining a big apple vibe and a devotion to just comes naturally to him. Having trained his team of artists on his unique skin gym philosophy for maintaining the health of skin and making up beautifully, naturally, DEX New York is the culmination of everything Dex has accomplished, loves, and lives for; and in turn wants his clients to thrive with the DEX New York brand. Dex knows how you feel, what things make you smile, and has dedicated his life to lifting up your self esteem with providing good-for-your-skin makeup products!

 What else does Dex love?

When he’s not busy researching healthy ingredients for new product launches, and curating the best skincare treatments and makeup looks for consumers, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, soaking up NYC culture, traveling, and devoting time to his many charitable causes.

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