Do you bruise from cosmetic injections or laser treatments? Do you have visible scarring, or any kind of skin discoloration?

There are very few people who have a naturally flawless complexion; we’re talking minimal blemishes, little or no dark spots and never anything as extreme as scarring, but for everyone else makeup with skincare benefits is the best option for revealing true beauty.

At DEX New York, we have the perfect makeup concealer/foundation product for you to camouflage with confidence, and finally create the look of beautiful skinFrom bruises and scars, to dark under-eye circles, and hyper-pigmentation,we’ve got you covered!

DEX New York Mineral Retouch Concealer/Foundation promises to treat and hide the most common skin imperfections.

Mineral Retouch Concealer Foundation Palette

  • Available in 12 Global Skin Tone Shades.
  • It’s a lightweight camouflaging skin concealer/foundation that delivers a flawless complexion with a natural skin-like finish and has long-lasting coverage. It could last even under extreme conditions like swimming, heat and physical strain.
  • Conceals under eye discoloration, tattoos, port wine stainsrosaceavitiligo, scars, burns, and bruising from post-surgical and cosmetic injectable procedures.


The use of a makeup brush to apply this product is strongly suggested. Not only is it more hygienic, but it also gives you more control, allowing you to pinpoint small areas or quickly hide large imperfections without much fuss.

Here are the following brushes you will need:


  • Use a gentle cleanser to hydrate and prep the skin before applying all camouflaging makeup products.
  • To create the look of perfect skin, you’ll need to choose the correct camouflaging colors. Whether it’s a bruise, scar, blemish, dark under-eyes or even tattoo, use the following guidelines to customize your beauty palette:

DEX New York Camouflaging Concealer/Foundation Shades to Neutralize Skin Discoloration

  • Fair Skin - MR-1.5 for Red, MR-2.5 for Purple, MR-3.5 for Black Blue, MR-4.5 for Yellow
  • Light Skin - MR-3.5 for Red, MR-2.5 for Purple, MR-5.5 for Black & Blue, MR-4.5 for Yellow
  • Medium Skin - MR-4.5 for Red, MR-2.5 for Purple, MR-5.5 for Black & Blue, MR-6.5 for Yellow
  • Dark Skin - MR-9.5 for Red, MR-7.5 for Purple, MR-8.5 for Black & Blue, MR-11.5 for Yellow

Complexions vary from one another and may fall in between 2 of the 4 global skin tone categories. If this is the case, it’s best to play around with mixing 2 shades as if you were an artist, and see which combination provides the best camouflaging effect for what you would like to cover.

  • For starters, you’ll need to neutralize the discoloration of the area you want to camouflage. Apply a small amount of Mineral Retouch Custom Coverage Concealer/Foundation to the center using the Duo Concealer/Foundation Brush (the small brush-end to pinpoint specific area, and the large brush-end to conceal a larger area of your skin). Start by blending the concealer/foundation shade into the skin, feathering out the coverage towards the outer edges of the area you are camouflaging. This product provides more than full coverage, so their isn’t a need to cake it on. The goal here is to use the least amount of product so that it looks as natural as possible.
  • Next, use the Muti-Blender Brush to apply Mineral Translucent Finishing Powder to set the makeup. Be sure to press the powder onto the area first using the side of the bristles, let it set for 60 seconds then brush the excess powder all over the area to make it blend perfectly into the skin. Depending on the severity of the discoloration or texture of the scarring, you might have to repeat this step 1-2 more times until you no longer see anything but flawless skin.
  • Finish off by using the Beauty FX Sponge to apply a layer of concealer/foundation that matches your natural skin color. You must absolutely stipple the product over the area, as to not shift the previous layers and have it blend perfectly into the skin. Then use the Multi- Blender Brush again to apply another layer of Mineral Translucent Finishing Powder to set the final layer of makeup.