Youth can be achieved at any age. It is not just a physical number, but more importantly a state of mind. How many times do you recall situations where you thought or even told someone that you feel like you’re 10, or 20, or in college again? You felt youthful! These don’t have to be just fleeting moments, and Dex will show you how.

Our story begins in 2007 with Dex Phillip, who was heavily involved in the fashion industry as a celebrity makeup artist, stylist, and leading medical aesthetician in New York. Throughout his career, he strongly believed that women could put on beautiful and creative products that were also good for their skin. He envisioned a line of makeup that promotes skincare, without losing its potential for creativity. That lead him to opening his own beauty studio, and developing his own line of makeup, the way he liked them – HEALTHY. Which brings us to our first way to feel young again:


Health IS youth. Whether it is your personal well-being, skin, or mental health; every aspect contributes to how youthful you feel. Do not ignore your health because the healthier you are, the younger you will most definitely feel.

That is why DEX New York believes in makeup that also promotes skincare. How would you be able to feel youthful when you know that something you have on your face is damaging your health? Always know what you put in and on your body.


Expanding your knowledge and exercising your mind will also make you feel younger. When your brain is constantly stimulated, it creates more links between brain cells. So, being curious about life and constantly adding knowledge to your brain reduces the risk of age-related memory loss. Trust us, you’re going to start feeling younger when you start to know and remember more things!

As DEX New York started integrating with social media and new technologies, the company also became more engaged with younger people. Being in tune with younger people makes the company feel much younger than 10 years. With each engagement, DEX New York gains more insight into what YOU want and need, which in turn fuels our passion!


You are how old you tell yourself you are, don’t let nobody tell you otherwise! Confidence is believing in yourself and knowing what you want. You are most beautiful when you are not trying to be someone else, or being who someone else wants you to be.

Having good health and vast knowledge can also boost your confidence, but it still depends on your attitude. Being sure of yourself is key to being youthful. Don’t just feel young, OWN IT!

As our story continues in 2017, DEX New York Is happy to have grown 10 years and we’re owning it! We know better than to feel old, we feel 10 years younger!

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