Our Story

 Inspired By Artists. Loved By All.

 Advanced skincare makeup providing anti-aging Benefits with an instantly radiant finish.

DEX New York Cosmetics is the product of Dex Phillip, celebrity makeup artist and medical aesthetician. All of our products are meant to make women look their best while maintaining the health and care of their skin. The makeup collection features backstage beauty and everyday essentials, as well as a wide array of strikingly vibrant hues that are all cruely-free, hypoallergenic, sun-protection formulated, eco-freindly, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and pareben-free.  

Unlike typical mineral makeup products that use either too-shimmery Mica or dehydrating Bismuth Oxychloride as the base for their powder formulations, DEX New York's research and development team chose to invest in the restorative DEX Peptide Complex to act as a part of its unique core base. 

 What are peptides?

Peptides are compounds made up of multiple amino acids (which are known as the “building blocks of protein”) that are linked into a chain. In the case of peptides, in each acid, the carboxyl group of one amino is joined to the amino group, via bonds of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Peptides are vital to life on Earth. They are found in every living cell, and they have a number of functions—producing enzymes so your body can break down foreign substances, strengthening your immune system, and controlling your hormones. We have used these peptides to design the best makeup products with skincare benefits.

The DEX peptide Complex combines a matrix-fibroblast stimulant with Palmitoyl hexapeptide-14 and a plant-derived extract (peat) to maximize skin’s regenerative properties, acting as a wrinkle reducing agent with collagen-production stimulating abilities. Furthermore, DEX blended the complex with 24k colloidal gold to allow efficient penetration into the skin and aide in the products’ ability to stay on the skin without drying the skin’s surface as Bismuth Oxychloride does.

DEX New York highlights the appreciation of ones beauty, no matter where his/her ancestry lies. Particularly laser-focused on women of color whom have often faced social stigma due to institutionalized racism. Even within communities of people of color, many girls are discriminated because of their darker tones. Well, at DEX New York we stand up to the challenge of discrimination and give a resounding “yes” for multiculturalism. Everyone is beautiful, no matter what they look like. To solve this problem, we’ve designed our color cosmetics line so that DEX is truly a brand meant for every skin tone under the sun; raging from Sweden to Sudan.

Granted, merging skincare products with beauty products has been done before, but never with the expert touch of our founder, which includes his endless creativity, undying passion to provide beauty to women everywhere, and the priceless knowledge needed to create beautiful products that can be enjoyed by all races.

 Brand Promise

We believe that the best approach is in utmost honesty. With years of experience, reliable products, and advanced techniques, we assure you the best products – delivered with determination and professionalism to meet all of your skincare needs. 

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